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Black History in Ghana Tour – Copy

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8 Days 7 Nights

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Transatlantic Slave Trade in Ghana

Black History in Ghana Tour: Echoes of Ghana’s Coastal Tragedy

Firstly, embark on an enlightening 8-day journey through the Motherland Ghana, tracing the profound historical and cultural landmarks that shape the nation’s narrative. Commencing in Accra, the capital city, your exploration begins at the W.E.B. Dubois Centre, a tribute to Pan-African ideals, setting the stage for a comprehensive voyage through time.

The second day unfolds in Accra, where you delve into the legacy of Kwame Nkrumah at the mausoleum dedicated to Ghana’s first president and explore Independence Square, a symbolic space reflecting the nation’s liberation.

Also, venture into Jamestown on the third day, the historical district reveals a captivating blend of colonial architecture and vibrant street art, providing a unique lens into Ghana’s evolving cultural landscape.

Day four marks a poignant juncture in your journey as you confront the harrowing history of the transatlantic slave trade at the Assin Manso Slave Facility, offering a solemn reflection on the final moments of enslaved Africans before their journey across the Atlantic.

Days five and six lead you to the Cape Coast Slave Castle and Elmina Slave Castle, UNESCO World Heritage Sites bearing witness to the tragedies of the transatlantic slave trade. Guided tours unravel the stories encapsulated within their ancient walls, providing a sombre yet essential understanding of Ghana’s past.

On the seventh day, immerse yourself in the Elmina community, gaining insights into local traditions and daily life.  Additionally, explore Fort St. Jago, Fort St. Anthony, Fort Apollonia, and Fort Metal Cross, each contributing unique chapters to Ghana’s historical tapestry.

Additionally, Fort Batenstein, is a coastal fortification resonating with historical significance. The journey concludes, leaving you with profound experiences and lessons learned from the forts, castles, and landmarks—a testament to Ghana’s enduring spirit and resilience throughout its storied past.

In conclusion,

Join us on a voyage to the Motherland, Ghana, where we’ll delve into the depths of our rich history. Trace the footsteps of ancestors, explore historical landmarks, and connect with the rich heritage of the African diaspora with this Black History in Ghana Tour.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade in Ghana



  • W.E.B. Dubois Centre for Pan-African Culture
  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  • Independence Square
  • Fort St. Jago
  • Fort St. Anthony
  • Fort Appollonia
  • James Town (Old Accra)
  • Assin Manso Slave Facility
  • Cape Coast Slave Castle
  • Elmina Slave Castle
  • Elmina Community Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Accra
Day 1: Arrival in Accra