Hosted Tours

Hosted tours in Africa offer a unique blend of exploration and personalized guidance. Led by knowledgeable local hosts or experts, these tours provide an intimate and immersive experience. Whether you’re discovering the Maasai culture in Kenya, tracing the history of Timbuktu in Mali, or savoring Moroccan cuisine in Marrakech, hosted tours offer insider perspectives and authentic encounters. With smaller groups and a focus on local connections, travelers can delve deeper into Africa’s rich tapestry of landscapes, traditions, and history. These tours allow for meaningful cultural exchanges and a deeper understanding of the continent’s diverse and vibrant heritage.

The best of experience,
seamlessly paired in a single itinerary

Expert great tour curation
Our highly selective team has chosen from West Africa to bring you unique experiences.
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Truly tailor-made itineraries
Our Destination Experts work with you to design a personalized itinerary that weaves together your dream destinations, our signature private guided touring, and an exceptional cruise.
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Private local guides
Our hand-picked local experts will elevate your pre- and post-cruise exploration with authentic local knowledge and enhanced access.
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