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Uniquely embodying the essence of Royalland Tours, our approach seamlessly merges local expertise with international standards, crafting immersive journeys that leave a lasting impact. With a commitment to personalized service and a fervor for unveiling West Africa’s concealed treasures, we guarantee each West African Tour experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tailor-made travels

Our speciality, offering a bespoke travel experience designed entirely around your preferences. Every detail is personalized to create a unique adventure, from selecting destinations to choosing activities. Our expert team collaborates with you, leveraging local knowledge and global expertise to curate an itinerary that suits your interests, pace, and budget.

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Local expertise

Our deep-rooted local expertise is the cornerstone of unforgettable journeys. With an intimate understanding of our destinations, we go beyond tourist traps, unveiling hidden gems and authentic encounters. Our team’s indigenous knowledge ensures you delve into the heart of cultures, savoring genuine experiences that leave an indelible mark.

Authentic experience

Authentic experiences are the soul of our journeys. We believe in immersing travelers in the genuine essence of a place, going beyond the surface to reveal its true character. From engaging with local communities to savoring traditional cuisine, every moment is a genuine connection with the destination.

Top tier Travel packages.

We enthusiastically endorse Ghana Tours, Senegal Tours, and West African Tours for their exceptional fusion of distinctive experiences, cultural immersion, and seamless logistics. Each element is meticulously curated to deliver a comprehensive and unforgettable journey. From discovering iconic landmarks to engaging in authentic local encounters, these tours strike the perfect balance for every traveler.










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Althea Alman_WilliamsAlthea Alman_Williams
16:54 31 May 24
From pickup to drop off, the tour guide and drivers were very professional,informative and compassionate to our needs. Our tour guide made our visit to Ghana a very special an enjoyable one. Choosing Royallandtour,will make you want to visit Ghana over and over again. This was my first visit to Accra Ghana and I had a great time. Fred and the team you all were great.
David MooreDavid Moore
13:16 01 Nov 23
The service offered by Royalland Tours is truly exceptional. Personal, attentive, considerate, knowledgeable, caring and amazing. Great value for money. Thanks to the team for our great visit
Lisa LanLisa Lan
13:11 01 Nov 23
Good service and the office location is very accessible. They made me enjoy my time here.
Christiana BoatengChristiana Boateng
20:01 06 Oct 23
A Remarkable Journey with RoyallandRating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)I recently had the pleasure of booking a trip with Royalland Tours, and I must say, it was an experience beyond my expectations. From start to finish, they demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a genuine passion for creating memorable journeys.The itinerary they put together was meticulously crafted, showcasing a perfect balance between must-see attractions and hidden gems. Each destination felt thoughtfully selected, allowing me to immerse myself in the local culture and truly appreciate the beauty of the places I visited.What truly set them apart was their attention to detail. Every aspect of the trip, from accommodations to transportation, was seamlessly coordinated. Their choice of accommodations was outstanding, providing both comfort and a genuine sense of place. I particularly appreciated the variety of options, catering to different preferences and budgets.Throughout the journey, their team demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the destinations and a genuine enthusiasm for sharing their insights. Their local guides were not only knowledgeable but also personable, offering unique perspectives and enriching my experience.Furthermore, the level of customer service was exceptional. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed promptly and with the utmost courtesy. It was evident that they prioritize the satisfaction and comfort of their clients.I also want to commend them for their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. It was heartening to see their efforts to minimize environmental impact and support local communities.In conclusion, my experience with your agency and the customer care through to the driver and guide was nothing short of outstanding. They turned my travel dreams into a reality, and I returned home with memories that will last a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a truly exceptional travel experience.Thank you, Royalland Tours, for an unforgettable journey with the historical Ghana! I look forward to booking with you again in the future.
vannessa achempongvannessa achempong
19:18 06 Sep 23
My recent trip with Royal Land Tours was exceptional. Their well-crafted itinerary, knowledgeable guides, and top-notch accommodations made for an unforgettable experience. Seamless logistics and a small group size added to the enjoyment. I was also impressed by their commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism. I highly recommend Royal Land Tours for a remarkable and responsible travel adventure. Thank you for the unforgettable journey!


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