Senegal and Gambia Expedition


10 days 9 Nights

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Daily Tour

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Harmonious Journey: 10-Day Senegal and Gambia Expedition

Welcome to the captivating lands of Senegal and Gambia Expedition, where history, culture, and natural wonders converge to create an enriching and diverse travel experience. Your journey will take you through iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes, offering a glimpse into the heart of West Africa.


Begin your adventure in Senegal, where the imposing African Renaissance Monument stands tall atop Collines des Mamelles in Dakar. Marvel at its grandeur, ascend to the observation deck, and absorb the panoramic views of Dakar, setting the stage for the cultural exploration that lies ahead.

Embark on a ferry journey to Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where echoes of history resonate through the House of Slaves and the Door of No Return. However, delve into the profound impact of the transatlantic slave trade while exploring the charming town of Ngor and its scenic beach.

Venture to Tuba, a serene town known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Also, immerse yourself in the local way of life and discover the unique charm that defines this part of Senegal.

Continue your exploration to the mesmerizing Pink Lake (Lac Rose), where the waters shimmer with a rosy hue due to the presence of Dunaliella salina algae. Witness the traditional salt harvesting process and embrace the tranquil ambiance of this natural wonder.

Crossing into The Gambia, set your sights on Niokolo-Koba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and game reserve. Additionally, experience the untamed beauty of the African wilderness and encounter diverse wildlife in this vast and protected ecosystem.

In Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, explore the National Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts and cultural exhibits providing insights into the nation’s history. Journey to Janjanbureh, a historic town nestled on the banks of the River Gambia, and discover its rich heritage and serene surroundings.

Throughout this journey, the River Gambia will be a constant companion. Also, from the bustling markets of Banjul to the tranquil waters of Janjanbureh, the river weaves a thread connecting the cultural tapestry of these two remarkable countries.

In conclusion,

Join us as we traverse the landscapes of Senegal and Gambia Tour, where every step reveals a story, and every destination unfolds a new chapter in the vibrant narrative of West Africa.


  • Goree Island (Senegal)
  • Pink Lake (Senegal)
  • Saint Louis (Senegal)
  • The Renaissance Monument (Senegal)
  • Nioko Koba Game Reserve (Senegal)
  • Banjul (Gambia)
  • National Museum (Gambia)
  • Jonyabure – George (Gambia)
  • River Gambia (Gambia)

Day 1: Arrival in Dakar, Senegal

Upon arrival at Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD), guests will be transported to their hotel. After completing the check-in process, they will participate in a welcoming session with their tour guide at the hotel, acquiring insights into Dakar's history, culture, and the planned itinerary for the day. In the afternoon, travelers will venture into Dakar's city center, exploring Independence Square and the Presidential Palace while delving into the city's colonial history and contemporary culture. Wrap up the day with a delightful dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to your hotel for a restful night.

Day 2: African Renaissance Monument

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel, ensuring you are energized for the day's adventures. After breakfast, depart from your hotel towards Collines des Mamelles, the site of the African Renaissance Monument. Dive into the exploration of the monument, ascend to the observation deck, and bask in the panoramic views of Dakar. Seize the opportunity to grasp the monument's significance, delve into its history, and capture enduring memories with your camera.

Embark on a ferry journey to Goree Island, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the historical importance of the House of Slaves, also known as Maison des Esclaves, and the Door of No Return—symbolic sites representing the island's role in the transatlantic slave trade. Expand your exploration to the charming town of Ngor and its picturesque beach, where you can peruse local markets and relax by the Atlantic Ocean.

Upon returning to Dakar, head to Soumbedioune Market. Immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere, explore local crafts, and engage with the vibrant scenes of the market. Conclude your day's adventures by returning to your hotel for a peaceful night's rest, taking a moment to reflect on the rich experiences and memories created throughout the day.

Day 3. Saint-Louis Adventure

Commence your day with a swift and delectable breakfast at your hotel. Embark on your journey to Saint-Louis early in the morning, anticipating a 3 to 4-hour drive contingent on traffic and road conditions.

While en route to Saint-Louis, contemplate a brief stop in Touba, a prominent religious center in Senegal. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring Great Mosque of Touba, renowned as one of the largest mosques in Africa.

Upon reaching Saint-Louis around midday, complete your check-in at the hotel. Dedicate the afternoon to exploring the historic island of Saint-Louis. Tour the Palace Faidherbe, a structure dating back to the 18th century named after the French governor. Wander through the enchanting streets adorned with colonial architecture.

In the late afternoon, venture to the bustling fishing wharf to witness the lively activity of local fishermen. Saint-Louis boasts a vibrant fishing community, and the vibrant boats and daily catch present a captivating spectacle. Explore the nearby Langue de Barbarie, a slender sandbar separating the Senegal River from the Atlantic Ocean, serving as the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

Conclude your day by immersing yourself in the nightlife of Saint-Louis. Return to your hotel for a tranquil night's rest. The city comes alive in the evening, with bars and clubs offering a vibrant mix of local and international music.

Day 4: Pink Lake Exploration

Start your day in Saint-Louis with a delightful breakfast at your hotel, savoring local dishes and fresh fruits to infuse your morning with vibrant flavors.

Embark on a car journey from St Louis to Lake Retba, also known as Lac Rose or Pink Lake, a voyage that typically takes around 3 to 4 hours. Upon reaching Lake Retba, check into a nearby hotel or accommodation.

Dedicate the late morning to exploring Lake Retba. Take a boat tour to marvel at the mesmerizing pink hues, a result of the Dunaliella salina algae. Delve into the salt marshes surrounding the lake, witnessing the traditional salt harvesting process. Gain insights into the labor-intensive work involved in salt extraction and perhaps engage with the local salt harvesters.

Relax at the adjacent beach, savoring the tranquil ambiance of Lake Retba. Explore the surrounding dunes, either through a guided tour or by taking a leisurely walk to appreciate the distinctive landscape. Capture panoramic views of the Pink Lake from the elevated vantage point of the dunes.

Visit Retba Village in close proximity. Connect with the local community, discover their way of life, and consider purchasing handmade crafts as cherished souvenirs. As the day winds down, return to your hotel for dinner. Delight in traditional Senegalese dishes, allowing yourself to reflect on the remarkable experiences of your day at the Pink Lake.

Day 5: Nioko Koba Game Reserve

Start your day with an early breakfast at your hotel, and embark on a morning safari or game drive with our experienced guide. Explore the savannahs and woodlands to spot wildlife such as elephants, antelopes, buffalo, and various bird species. The early morning hours are often the best time for wildlife sightings.

Visit the gallery forests along the riverbanks. These areas are rich in biodiversity and provide an opportunity to see primates, including chimpanzees. Continue your safari or game drive in different areas of the park. Your guide will provide information about the flora and fauna you encounter.

In the afternoon, Choose a scenic spot within the park to witness the sunset. This can be a beautiful way to conclude your day in Niokolo-Koba.

 Continue your safari or game drive in different areas of the park. Your guide can provide information about the flora and fauna you encounter.

Conclude the day by heading back to your hotel for an amazing dinner and local soft music while you relax and eat.

Day 6: Arrive at Dakar's Blaise Diagne International Airport

Arrive at Dakar's Blaise Diagne International Airport and complete the early morning check-in process for your flight to Banjul International Airport in The Gambia. Upon arrival, check-in at your Banjul hotel, where a private tour guide warmly greets you. The guide will offer essential guidance and provide an overview of your exploration of The Gambia.

Embark on a tour of Banjul, the capital city, including a visit to the prominent Arch 22. This imposing arch, situated in the heart of Banjul, allows visitors to ascend to its summit, providing a breathtaking panoramic view of Banjul, the River Gambia, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Continue your exploration with a visit to the vibrant Albert Market, located at the heart of Banjul. This bustling market offers an immersive experience into local Gambian culture and daily life. Albert Market is an ideal spot for acquiring traditional Gambian crafts, jewelry, fabrics, and souvenirs. Bargaining is customary, allowing visitors to negotiate for the best prices.

Explore the architectural wonders of Banjul by visiting landmarks such as the State House, also known as the Presidential Palace. Nestled in the capital, it serves as the official residence of The Gambia's President and stands as a symbol of political authority in the nation.

Conclude your day by returning to your hotel for a delightful dinner, where you can savor the flavors of Gambian cuisine. Take this time to reflect on the rich experiences and discoveries of the day.

Day 7: National Museum (Banjul)

Embark on your adventure with a relaxed breakfast at your Banjul hotel before heading to the National Museum of The Gambia, conveniently located within Banjul.

Dedicate your morning to exploring the National Museum, delving into its exhibits that showcase artifacts, cultural treasures, and historical displays. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of The Gambia, learning about its history, traditions, and cultural diversity.

Visit the nearby Banjul Beach to witness the scenic view of ferries crossing the river—an extraordinary sight that highlights the significance of the Banjul-Barra ferry in the local transportation system.

Continue your day at McCarthy Square, a central hub in Banjul. Explore the square, capture moments with your camera, and relish the lively atmosphere. Venture into the city center, explore local shops, and engage in the vibrant urban life.

End your day with dinner at a seaside restaurant, s