The University of Ghana, Legon

Exploring the Vibrant Campus Culture and Historic Halls of the University of Ghana, Legon. Renowned for its academic excellence, Legon is not just an educational institution but a cultural hub where the naming of residential halls tells a unique story. However, each hall has its distinct identity, rooted in history and traditions, weaving a rich tapestry that enhances the overall experience of campus life.

Join us on a journey to discover the notable hall names at the University of Ghana, a must-visit destination on your Ghana tour.

Commonwealth Hall (Vandals):

Known as “Vandals,” Commonwealth Hall is renowned for its vibrant and spirited atmosphere. The hall has a strong tradition of activism and intellectual engagement. Moreover, It often plays a leading role in campus politics and social issues. VANDALS are Commonwealth Hall students who are VIVACIOUS, AFFABLE, NEIGHBORLY, DEVOTED, ALTRIUSTIC, and LOYAL. They refer to one other as V-MATES, and the most common answer is SHARP. It is the sole male residence hall on campus. It is also the sole hall that respects traditions and customs. VANDALS are supposed to be the student body’s collective voice. They take pleasure in their leadership abilities and cohesiveness, which is why OLD VANDALS are always proud of the hall. If you are a girl, you must not visit the romantic vandal city in RED.


University Hall (Katanga):

Referred to as “Katanga,” University Hall is recognized for its strong brotherhood and camaraderie among its residents. The hall has a distinctive architectural style and a long history of promoting unity and solidarity among its members.

Legon Hall:

As one of the oldest halls on campus, Legon Hall has a rich history. It is known for its diverse range of academic, cultural, and social activities. In addition, the hall’s architecture and picturesque surroundings contribute to its appeal.

Mensah Sarbah Hall:

Named after the prominent Ghanaian jurist John Mensah Sarbah, this hall is known for its commitment to academic excellence and intellectual pursuits. Also, It has a reputation for producing scholars and leaders.

Akuafo Hall:

“Akuafo” means farmers in Akan, and this hall is associated with agricultural studies. However, these residents often engage in activities related to agriculture and environmental awareness. The hall embraces a sense of community and shared purpose.

African Union Hall (Pentagon):

Popularly known as “Pentagon,” African Union Hall has a reputation for promoting African unity and solidarity. The hall is involved in various cultural and social events, contributing to the celebration of African heritage.

Jean Nelson Aka Hall:

Named after Jean Nelson Aka, a Ghanaian educationist and the first female professor at the University of Ghana, this hall is committed to promoting the welfare and empowerment of women on campus. Nonetheless,  the hall was dedicated in 2012. Members of the ROYALS Hall take pride in setting the pace for anything social on campus. They’re well-known for their basketball team. They intend to make an impact on all aspects of campus life.


Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall:

This hall, named after Ghanaian educator and activist Elizabeth Frances Sey, emphasizes academic excellence, community service, and the development of well-rounded individuals. Furthermore, it was dedicated in January 2012 as part of the university’s efforts to address student housing issues. It was named after the university’s first female graduate, Elizabeth Baaba Frances Sey. By competing against the other halls, the Hall has demonstrated its prowess in sports and other social events.


In conclusion,

These hall names not only serve as identifiers for residential accommodations but also embody the unique spirit and character of each community within the larger University of Ghana, Legon campus. In addition, the traditions, values, and legacies associated with these halls contribute significantly to the overall student experience at the university.


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