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Senegal Splendor Tour: A Fusion of Art and Rhythm

Senegal Tour: Dak’Art Exhibition & St. Louis Jazz Festival

The Senegal Splendor tour beckons with an immersive cultural experience in the heart of West Africa, seamlessly weaving together two of Senegal’s most vibrant cultural events: the Dak’Art Contemporary Art Exhibition and the St. Louis Jazz Festival.

Exploring Dak’Art: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds

Kicking off in the bustling capital of Dakar, the Dak’Art Exhibition stands as a testament to Senegal’s thriving art scene. This prestigious gathering draws artists from across the continent and beyond, creating a vibrant tapestry of creative expression. Traditional techniques entwine with contemporary visions, showcasing the evolution of African artistry.

Beyond the canvas, Dak’Art serves as a dynamic platform for dialogue and cultural exchange. Artists and enthusiasts engage in lively discussions about the narratives, influences, and techniques shaping contemporary African art. It’s a space where ideas flow freely, fostering a deeper understanding of the artistic landscape.

Harmonizing in St. Louis: Jazz Notes in the Air

From Dakar, the tour ventures to the enchanting town of St. Louis, nestled along the tranquil Senegal River. Here, the rhythm takes on a new form with the soulful notes of jazz. The St. Louis Jazz Festival is a celebration of music’s boundless power to transcend borders. Local and international jazz virtuosos converge, creating an electrifying atmosphere that resonates with a universal language.

Amidst colonial architecture and historic allure, festival-goers embark on a sensory journey. The music weaves through cobbled streets, creating an ambiance that is both invigorating and profoundly moving. It’s a living testament to Senegal’s cultural diversity and its embrace of art forms from around the globe.

The Senegal Splendor tour orchestrates a symphony of creativity and culture, inviting travelers to engage with the dynamic artistic landscape of Senegal. It’s an exploration of the visual and auditory expressions that define this vibrant nation, etching an indelible mark on the hearts of all who embark on this extraordinary journey.


  • Saint Louis Sightseeing
  • St. Louis Jazz Festival
  • Goree Island and Historical Dakar
  • Dak'Art Contemporary Art Exhibition

Day 1: Arrival in Dakar

Upon reaching Blaise Diagne International Airport, a friendly tour guide will greet you and accompany you to your hotel. Following check-in, indulge in a delightful Senegalese supper featuring local cuisine. During the meal, engage in a casual conversation with the tour guide, who will provide a brief overview of the upcoming tour scheduled for the next day.


Today, after having our breakfast, we'll take a short 20-minute journey from Dakar to Goree Island using a ferry. The ferry ride is not just a ride; it's also a chance to see the beautiful views of Dakar's coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Goree Island is special because it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a history linked to the transatlantic slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. Our tour guide will share the island's history, especially its role as a major centre for the slave trade. One important place to visit is the House of Slaves, built in the late 18th century, which stands out on the island. Goree Island also has well-preserved colonial architecture, charming streets, and museums to explore during the cooler parts of the day. After a day of discovery, we'll return to the hotel, getting ready for the rest of our trip tomorrow.


Start your day with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a captivating tour. Your journey commences in the lively capital of Dakar, where the Dak’Art Exhibition serves as a vibrant showcase of Senegal’s flourishing art scene. This event unites artists from various corners of the globe, weaving together a colourful tapestry of creative expression. Immerse yourself in the local artistry by engaging with a talented individual who can craft a unique piece for you. Next, explore the African Renaissance Monument, a powerful symbol of national pride and a testament to Senegal's rich history. The monument depicts a man, woman, and child reaching towards the sky, symbolizing Africa's emergence from a history of colonization and oppression towards a brighter, self-determined future.  Following this enriching experience, return to your hotel for a brief respite before indulging in a delightful dinner at one of Dakar's trendiest seashore establishments. Wrap up the day by spending the night at your hotel, eagerly anticipating the adventures that await you on the next leg of your journey.


Have a substantial breakfast to start the day, as you set out on a journey from Dakar to St. Louis. Upon arrival, which takes about a 5-hour journey, you will able to get to the city in the afternoon making it a well-prepared time to visit some beautiful places like Djourd National Bird Sanctuary, the gallery arts where you can have the best of arts in a lifetime. The city Is well-built and has a very tall building making it a very open place to stroll around.  You can then make your way to your hotel to rest and prepare for evening supper. At St. Louis City they serve delicious city food which will be the taste of a lifetime as you prepare for the sightseeing at Saint Louis tomorrow.


Start your day with a taste of a typical Senegalese breakfast before exploring the beautifully restored old buildings in town, each with stories from the past. Take a leisurely walk along the scenic Senegal River, and think about taking a boat tour for a different view of the historic area. Don't miss crossing the famous Faidherbe Bridge, which connects St. Louis Island to the mainland and offers stunning views. Experience the lively vibe of L'Avenue General de Gaulle, the main avenue with shops, restaurants, and historic structures, capturing both the past and present of St. Louis. After this, head back to your hotel for some rest, eagerly anticipating the upcoming jazz festival scheduled for tomorrow.


 The wait is over as we indulge ourselves with a nice breakfast in the morning before immersing in the grounds of the Jazz Festival. The day unfolds with a leisurely morning, allowing you to explore the charming streets of Saint Louis, soaking in the town's colonial architecture. This will enable you to see the arts of a lifetime, engage in social dancing and creative cultural ceremonies, see buildings decorated with traditional colours and so on. The festival comes alive as the sun sets, showcasing a diverse lineup of jazz virtuosos that wow the audiences with their captivating performances. The festival's open-air, dynamic settings encourage impromptu interaction as guests move to the music, tap their feet, and find themselves lured to the dance floor. This encourages more visitors to make their way to this ground on this special occasion. As night falls, the alluring atmosphere of Saint Louis sets the stage for a peaceful observance of jazz, bringing together residents and visitors from around the world in a common love of this universal language of music. As the music resonates through the air, attendees sway to the rhythm, tapping their feet to the infectious beats, and some may even find themselves irresistibly drawn to the dance floor. The participatory nature of the festival encourages a sense of shared joy and connection, fostering a community of jazz enthusiasts who appreciate the universal language of music. It’s a night of experience where it will reside with you for a lifetime. After this enjoyment, you will stay overnights in your hotel


On this day, you will enjoy your breakfast with local cuisine who will have a chit-chat talk as your journey comes close to an end before immersing yourself with the tour guide to Explore ST. LOUIS museums, cultural sites, and local markets, savouring the gastronomic delights that St. Louis has to offer. Your day concludes with a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of St. Louis' sights and sounds, leaving you with lasting memories of this captivating destination.


Depending on your flight schedule, enjoy a final morning in St. Louis. Transfer to the airport for departure.

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